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About Us

The Crossing Cultures philosophy is to provide the best possible support to clients and their employees. We are committed to long-term relationships and our focus for each assignment is total customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to assist individuals, teams and their organisations be competent and comfortable when doing business across cultures. This can be within your own workplace or when working with people around the world.

Working in a culturally diverse workplace is the norm in our multicultural society today. Knowing how to leverage the strengths of cultural diversity is key to increasing Cultural Intelligence and maximising global business opportunities.

By learning and implementing culturally effective work practices, participants learn to value different cultural perspectives enhancing their abilities to be flexible and productive in complex and often unpredictable work environments.

We operate throughout Australia and work with associates in other parts of the world.

Our team in Australia consists of highly experienced practitioners in the fields of culture, training, coaching and mentoring. Equally importantly, we have worked extensively across the globe in executive and professional roles in global organisations so bring substantial personal experience to our training.