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Doing Business Internationally

It is imperative to develop and increase the cultural awareness of staff that frequently travel internationally for business reasons or have need for regular phone/email contact with staff or clients located in other regions. Employees who travel frequently on business trips will be effective immediately upon arrival and will be able to successfully manage their relationships across many differing cultures within a region.

Program outcomes:

  • Acquire information about the targeted culture(s), allowing the participants to appreciate¬†aspects of that culture and therefore able to have positive regard and interaction with the local people of that culture.
  • Recognise there will be cultural similarities and differences between their home culture and the targeted culture and focus on understanding the cultural values, behaviour and communications styles necessary to conduct business.
  • Develop a degree of overall cultural competence, which can then be utilised across many cultures
  • Anticipate the challenges that each business person will face whilst working short term in a location, assisting them to develop appropriate problem solving techniques and how this affects the way they do business in a global marketplace.