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Success when returning home is imperative and all family members need an understanding of the knowledge and skills they have gained whilst living overseas. We assist repatriating staff and their families to re enter their own culture, with an understanding of the changes that have taken place within their culture and within themselves.

Program outcomes:

  • Acquire information about the changes that have taken place at home, allowing the participants to refresh their knowledge and close any major gaps that may have occurred.
  • Recognise there will be differences between how they have lived for the past few years and the effects those changes may have on the way they now behave and communicate in both social and business relationships
  • Anticipate the challenges that all family members, including children will face throughout the moving and adjustment phases and assist in helping them to develop problem solving techniques for each individual
  • Learn how to utilise and maximise on the knowledge and skills learnt while on international assignment, enabling them to approach the move with motivation and confidence in achieving new personal and business goals